Florence Buchanan
Art Director + Creative Director + Director

Florence is a film director, a creative director and an art director. She combines multiple sensibilities and storytelling skills. Whether she’s creating advertising, designing a website, advising brands or making a documentary, Florence instinctively dials up the elements that connect with the audience. She also brings her well-honed marketing experience, her refined aesthetics and her observation of people to every project she touches. Her passion for ideas and for the magic of filmmaking and photography is mixed with her irrepressible British sense of fun. Because, at the end of the day, she simply loves what she does.

Her film ‘Right There, A Short Film About Tolerance’ is an homage to PS 234 and to the importance of education. It was filmed at the school, three blocks from the World Trade Center, on the 10th anniversary of September 11. It features some New York City teenagers who were little kids right there in the school on 9/11. They are thoughtful, tolerant and hopeful young people, quiet voices in the din of post-9/11 prejudice and fear.

‘Right There’ screened at festivals across the US from the Mill Valley Film Festival to the New York No Limits Summit. It won Best of Festival, Documentary Short at the Richmond International Film Festival and is in the permanent collection of National September 11 Memorial Museum.

To view ‘Right There’ email buchananfl1@gmail.com

917 915 0852