At last, a Bayer aspirin campaign: Expect Wonders.
Bayer Aspirin: tv / print / new product launch
At BBDO Florence Buchanan and Karen McIntyre created Bayer's first brand campaign in many years. The first assignment, testimonials, was traditionally 50-something-year-olds-talking-to-camera about being at risk of a heart attack. Instead Florence and Karen created visual stories narrated by a voice-over. 

Directed by Academy Award-nominated director, Jim Sheridan 
('In America' and 'My Left Foot')

CD/Art Director: Florence Buchanan
CD/Copywriter: Karen McIntyre
Director: Jim Sheridan
People photography: Lily Dong
NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Bayer with Heart Advantage was the virtually first new aspirin product to be introduced since the 1970s. Sales vastly exceeded clients' expectations.
Creative Directors: Florence Buchanan, Karen McIntyre
Director: David Gaddie