Project Buchanan was awarded a Getty Creative Grant to create work for RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network in Washington DC) in collaboration with Mother Image founder Susan Carolonza Chanin, director Poppy de Villeneuve and photographer Rana Faure.

Project Buchanan and the team created the Survivor Series, a campaign of :60 videos, :30 PSAs, print ads and a collection of portraits featuring seven members of RAINN's Speakers Bureau. 

The campaign resulted in a 3,000% increase in views of RAINN’s videos on YouTube and a sharp increase in calls to the Helpline, where experienced support for survivors was waiting.

Julianna :60

Adam :60

“As a creative director, I realized that what RAINN really needed wasn’t simply ‘imagery’ as directed by the Getty Creative Grant but an actual marketing campaign. Getty was the incredible catalyst that set all the creative wheels in motion. When Susan and I went to DC to be briefed by Scott Berkowitz and his team, we met Julianna and Samentha from RAINN’s Speakers Bureau. We were horrified by their stories, amazed by their extraordinary journeys of survival and moved by RAINN’s part in their healing process. 
The passion in all of our survivors to speak out to help so powerful we decided to capture it on film... 

...On the day of the shoot, all of the survivors said to us, if one of their stories can help one victim out there or prevent one incident of sexual abuse, it will all have been worthwhile... 

...Sexual abuse is not just a personal, behind closed doors issue, it’s effects on families, communities and society are tragic and far-reaching. I know I speak for the entire creative team, we are proud to be helping RAINN reach even more people out there and expand its vital work – to help change the conversation about sexual abuse,” said Florence Buchanan.
Debra :60

Barbara :60

Lucy :30

Keith :30

Samantha :30

The :60 combo

Portrait photography by Rana Faure