A complete website redesign: The Impact Terms Project exists to encourage the growth of impact investing around the world by helping people learn from and build on the experience of pioneers in the field. Their hope is that ITP becomes a library of real-world knowledge and expertise on structuring impact investments and enterprises, and expands to accommodate new approaches and lessons learned, growing more valuable over time.

Florence designed the original website for The Purposeworks, a strategic branding and marketing consultancy with a focus on helping organizations and teams uncover their purpose and put it to work.
Ostene, a bone-healing product manufactured by Ceremed, marketed directly to surgeons. The product line was sold to Baxter Healthcare shortly after this rebranding project was completed.
“Buchanan and McIntyre helped us create a whole new brand image for our company and our product line. They were able to take our core messages and infuse them with their creativity and vision.
Their responsiveness to our needs and their innovation created the perfect embodiment of what we believe. The quality of their results shows both the experience and enthusiasm that they bring to every project.”

Tadeusz Wellisz M.D.
Chairman, Ceremed, Inc
MMI Edge, part of MMI Solutions, a b-to-b marketing consultancy, that has since been sold. The website conceived, written and designed by Florence Buchanan and Karen McIntyre.
“The creative team understands the complex changes that have affected b2b marketing. They did a great job integrating the various electronic and print touch points that are critical to reach and nurture suspects to qualify leads.
The results were twofold-lower cost per lead, and better qualified leads. It is one of the first times a marketing campaign generated leads that sales jumped on.”
Steven Amiel
CEO, MMI Solutions
RIGHT THERE, A Short Film About Tolerance – a short independent film for the film festival circuit, now in the permanent collection of National September 11 Memorial Museum. 
The Adoption Project was a resource for adoptive mothers.
FnK Partners was a creative services collaborative specializing in marketing, branding and advertising projects.